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Product Specifications

  • Expandable-Rubber-Plugs

    Shaw Development provides a superior Expandable Plug to seal and fit unique applications. Our ability to design, prototype and produce both standard and custom expandable rubber plugs has made us an industry leader.

    Whether you need 5 or 50,000 units, we can produce a plug regardless of the size, shape or material. Our team of engineers, innovative machinists and technical salespeople will design a product that complements the quality they expect and demand from their own products.

    Our online catalog at http://www.shawplugs.com lists some of our more popular plug types, or contact us for more info on designing your own.

  • StrappingTools

    The StrapMaster is a 7 in 1 tool that Cuts, Bends, Twists, Punches Steel Strapping, and also Cuts and Bends Rod. With two models available, this tool will fabricate the custom brackets, hangers, and bracing you need to keep the job running.

    Model A: for HVAC, garage door braces, brackets and hangers. For use with mild steel up to 1" wide.

    Model B: for masonry and working with stainless steel. For use with mild or stainless steel up to 1" wide.