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Fast Fuel/Fluid Replenishment Systems

Shaw Development's Non Pressurized Refueling Systems are based on aerospace technology, allowing the fuel tanks to be filled at rates up to 150 GPM without pressurizing the tanks.

These systems can be used on metal, composite, or fabric bladder tanks. The system consists of three primary components; the receiver, inlet shut-off valve, and level vent assembly.

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Fast Fuel Systems and Refueling Nozzles

Refuel or fill any fluid storage vessel accurately and prevent spillage or over-pressurizing the storage tank.
  • Flow rates up to 150 GPM (570 LPM)
  • Positive shut off prevents manual override
  • Meets directive 97/23/EC and does not pressurize tank
  • No spills or burst tanks
  • Ground level

Select and mount either style valve to the lower part of the fuel tank and mount the control vent to the upper part of the tank.
R Series Quick Disconnect Coolant Nozzle and Plug Assembly

Quick Disconnects for Service Fluids

Quick Disconnects may be utilized for any fluid transfer where loss of fluid upon disconnection is not acceptable due to environmental regulations, worker safety consideration, the value of the fluid, or where there is a concern of fluid cleanliness; which includes bulk fluid transfers such as loading and unloading of vehicle tanks, or kidney-lube systems.

The Shaw Development Quick Disconnect Line helps to solve all these problems by providing safety, cleanliness, and a decrease in downtime and maintenance costs.
  • An oil change, coolant, transmission, hydraulic fluids, etc., can all be refilled in a fraction of the time it used to take a service technician.
  • The dry-break quick disconnects help keep the surrounding environment from contaminating the system, and service fluids from contaminating the environment by reducing spillage to virtually zero.
  • Service/Access boxes can be directly mounted to the vehicle, providing an easily accessible location for evacuating and refilling fluids.
  • Service of the vehicle can now be accomplished simply with one man, safely at ground level.
  • Quick Disconnects can reduce the possibility of human error in transfer operations, and will also help contribute to the efficiency of the transfer.

Robotic Refueling System

The RFS Pitstop is a containerized system for robotic refueling of heavy duty vehicles in extreme conditions. RFS is safe, efficient, easy, environmental-friendly and theft-proof. Operating speeds are between 150 – 300 GPM / (567 – 1135 LPM). Connection to begin refueling is only 75 seconds and disconnecting takes just 30 seconds. The RFS Pitstop system is a turn-key working robot, installed in a 20 foot sea-container which facilitates installation and secures the systems operation. The RFS provides full metering to refueling activity that monitors fuel purchases. The system also prevents theft of fuel from the fueling system. System health monitoring is fully built into the system hardware and firmware. Interaction between the ...
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