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Product Specifications

  • Fast-Fuel-Systems-and-Refueling-Nozzels

    Refuel or fill any fluid storage vessel accurately and prevent spillage or over-pressurizing the storage tank.

    • Flow rates up to 220 GPM (835 LPM)
    • Positive shut off prevents manual override
    • Meets directive 97/23/EC and does not pressurize tank
    • No spills or burst tanks
    • Ground level

    Select and mount either style valve to the lower part of the fuel tank and mount the control vent to the upper part of the tank.

  • _MG_2132

    Shaw Development Refueling nozzles are field proven and uniquely designed to handle the toughest conditions. These units are fully interchangeable with existing equipment and are designed for use in the construction, Mining, forestry and agricultural markets. Our units are built from rugged and light weight aluminum and high strength steel in high wear areas. This nozzle is capable of handling flows in excess of 150 GPM (570 LPM).