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All Categories > Fast Fuel/Fluid Replenishment Systems > Fast Fuel Systems and Refueling Nozzles > Item # PR-150  
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Item # PR-150, Fast Fuel Systems

Refuel or fill any fluid storage vessel accurately and prevent spillage or over-pressurizing the storage tank.

  • Flow rates up to 220 GPM (835 LPM)
  • Positive shut off prevents manual override
  • Meets directive 97/23/EC and does not pressurize tank
  • No spills or burst tanks
  • Ground level

Select and mount either style valve to the lower part of the fuel tank and mount the control vent to the upper part of the tank.


Flow Rate

Up to 220 gpm
Up to 835 LPM

System Specifications

  • Mates with industry standard nozzles and 2" NPT receivers
  • Shut off valve acts as a check valve when servicing receivers
  • Shut off valve can be connected to multiple receivers for remote or dual fill locations
  • Zero or low pressure systems can be used with thin wall or plastic fuel cells


  • Attach standard fill nozzle to receiver
  • Energize pump and actuate nozzle
  • Shut off valve opens and filling begins. Displaced air escapes through the filtered vent
  • Upon reaching a full tank, the level controller signals the shut off valve to close
  • No more fuel can be introduced to the tank - the shut of valve is sealed
  • The nozzle is removed and the vehicle returned to service

150 GPM System Components

The pressure-less system requires these components:
  • Refuel Receiver-This component provides the interface to the refuel delivery system.
  • Shut off Valve-Control fuel flow into the tank (shown with receiver attached).
  • Level Control Vent-Operates the shut off valve and vents displaced air from the tank during filing.
  • Filter Element
  • Signal Line

Direct Mount

Recessed Mount

Control Vent


PR-150 Series High Flow Refueling Systems Data Sheet
(PDF, 902KB)

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