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Product Specifications

  • DEF Tank

    Shaw Development, LLC manufactures various configurations of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), also known as AdBlue® Reservoir Systems. DEF systems are used to supply Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems with a catalyst compound to break down harmful NOx emissions into nitrogen gas and water vapor. These systems are the preferred method for on-road and off-road diesel vehicles and equipment users to meet increasingly strict emissions standards. Shaw manufactures eight standard cross-link polyethylene (XLPE) reservoirs as well as designs custom sizes and shapes in XLPE and stainless steel as needed. Standard tank sizes range from 5 to 25 gallons, with custom stainless steel tank designs reaching up to 250 gallons.

    The core of Shaw's DEF reservoir is the multifunction head unit. The multifunction head unit contains integrated level, temperature, and concentration sensors which can provide analog or digital outputs depending on the application requirements. The head includes a heating element that is powered by coolant and is capable of thawing DEF when external temperatures drop below 12°F. For special applications, additional electrical heating elements may be integrated into the reservoir system design.

    Fittings, tank orientation, and kit accessories are customized to specific applications. Optional accessories include vented and filtered caps, debris guards, heated hoses, and remote fill adapters. Fill caps are blue and designed in accordance with ISO 22241.

    AdBlue® Standard, for easy identification. All DEF reservoir system designs are thoroughly tested in Shaw’s state of the art test lab for functionality and meet the specific durability needs of the heavy-duty vehicle and equipment market. Shaw’s engineers have extensive experience in the development and manufacturing of innovative fluid handling solutions.

    For additional information about our DEF reservoir systems, see the table below, or contact Shaw directly.

  • GEN2 Inline Filter_001
  • Lift & Turn Metallic Cap 2

    All Shaw caps feature non rotating seals which last the life of the vehicle.

  • Fast-Fuel-Systems-and-Refueling-Nozzels

    Shaw Development's Non Pressurized Refueling Systems are based on aerospace technology, allowing the fuel tanks to be filled at rates up to 240 GPM (908 LPM) without pressurizing the tanks.

    These systems can be used on metal, composite, or fabric bladder tanks. The system consists of three primary components; the receiver, inlet shut-off valve, and level vent assembly.