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Product Specifications

The RFS Pitstop is a containerized system for robotic refueling of heavy duty vehicles in extreme conditions. RFS is safe, efficient, easy, environmental-friendly and theft-proof. Operating speeds are between 150 – 300 GPM / (567 – 1135 LPM). Connection to begin refueling is only 25 seconds and disconnecting takes just 25 seconds. The RFS Pitstop system is a turn-key working robot, installed in a 20 foot sea-container which facilitates installation and secures the systems operation. The RFS provides full metering to refueling activity that monitors fuel purchases. The system also prevents theft of fuel from the fueling system. System health monitoring is fully built into the system hardware and firmware. Interaction between the driver of the vehicle and the RFS is through a live camera system installed in the truck. Positioning is achieved through a self-centering connecting unit which operates within a window of one square meter and 15 degrees to connect to the fueling receiver. The RFS uses a hydraulic driven delta robot and a 3D time of flight camera to locate the receiver. The RFS Pitstop system works in all weather conditions from minus -40 degrees to +50 degrees Celsius.
Unit of Measure

Flow Rate

N/A 150 to 300 gpm567 to 1135 L/min

Operating Temperature Rating

N/A -40 to 50 ºC

YouTube Video

N/A RFS YouTube Video
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Maximum Robot Speed

N/A 0.2 m/s

Attaching Speed

N/A 25 s

Disconnecting Speed

N/A 25 s

2 Inch (in) Nozzles Series

N/A Shaw NP Series

3 Inch (in) Nozzles Series

N/A Wiggins VR-300


N/A 6.058 m


N/A 2.438 m


N/A 2.591 m

Approximate Mass

N/A 3000 kg


N/A 38.3 m³

Life Cycle Time with Proper Maintenance

N/A 15 y

Environment Temperature Range for Outside Use

N/A 40 to 50 ºC

Maintenance Room Temperature Range

N/A 5 to 30 ºC

Operated Wind Speed at which Robot can be Kept Safe

N/A 32 m/s

Operated Wind Speed at which Robot can be Kept Safe

N/A 10 Beaufort

Maximum Air Pressure in the System

N/A 8 bar

Maximum Air Pressure in the System

N/A 8 x 105 Pa

Operating Hydraulic Pressure

N/A 45 bar

Operating Hydraulic Pressure

N/A 45 x 105 Pa

Maximum Sound Level in Maintenance Room

N/A 90 dB

Electric Voltage

N/A 400 V

Power Supply

N/A 3 Phase + Neutral


N/A 50/60 Hz

Peak Electric Power without Fuel Pump

N/A 2.5 kV·A


N/A Ethernet 10/100 Megabyte (MB) and Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi)


  • Android app control
  • Automatic start with ultrasonic sensor
  • Radio Frequency (RF) remote control
  • Pump Installed
  • Flow Meters Installed (with flow monitoring application)