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Product Specifications

All Shaw caps feature non rotating seals which last the life of the vehicle.
  • Compatible with diesel fuel, hydraulic oil, and service fluids
  • Lockable design with optional standard padlock
  • Rollover safe meets 70/221 EEC. Leak tight during side slope and extreme vehicle operations
Unit of Measure


General Specifications

  • Manufactured from impact resistant cast aluminium and composite materials
  • Fits standard 4"[100 mm] filler openings
  • Does not allow water to enter tank from outside sources such as rain or vehicle wash downs
  • Use with filler nozzles up to 3.25" diameter


N/A The lift and turn design handle offers simple one hand operation. To remove the cap raise the handle, turn it counterclockwise, and lift the cap off of the adapter.

Available Options

  • Custom logos and fluid symbols available
  • Custom colors and finishes available
  • Venting:Non-venting, Positive venting, Vacuum venting, or any combination
  • Special covers and debris guards for severe military applications

Filtration and Venting Specifications

  • Field replaceable filter cartridge
  • Low cracking pressures which reduce stresses on fuel tank and fuel pump and enable usage with composite tanks
  • Positive venting to relieve pressure within tank caused from thermal expansion, but no leakage on side slope or in rollover situations

Strainer Options

Perforated Metal, or Screen Mesh in any size or length.

Filler Neck & Adapters

Metallic or plastic - weld on, bolt on, thread on, or press-in options.

Service Applications

N/A Fuel Hydraulic


N/A Custom

Venting Types

N/A Any combination Non-venting Positive venting Vacuum venting

Nozzle Diameter

N/A 3.25 in